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Why can't I use https to access the stackexchange sites?

In order to be more secure in my external transmissions, I tried to use and found that I could not login. Actually I get a 403/HTTP Authentication request, but its not like ...
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2 answers

Cross-posting to

If I have a question that is Unix sysadmin related. It's not clear to me whether it should go to serverfault or Is cross-posting acceptable? The specific question I have in ...
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32 votes
3 answers

PART 2: How does the drama on meta.SE affect Server Fault?

Reduced moderation To start with, two of the moderators on Server Fault have drastically curtailed their activity on the site. Michael Hampton: "After catching up on this situation, including today'...
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21 votes
9 answers

Are we getting out-of-hand with all of the sub-communities?

On Serverfault I saw the question "Invalidate Google Site Validation (Google Webmaster) [migrated]" and was disappointed to see that it redirects me to webmasters.stackexchange. (I was expecting the ...
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Could Appropriate Tags Cross-Post to Relevant SE Communities?

Since the recent addition of new communities for Unix and Ubuntu within the StackExchange (particularly ServerFault), I propose that tags posted to SF with relevant tags ("Ubuntu", "Solaris", "Unix", ...
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