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This question relates to tags, the words or phrases which describe the topic of a Server Fault questions.

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Are the rg tags getting out of control on ServerFault?

Possible Duplicate: legitimate ways for users to protest irrelevant sponsorship of tags Ok, fine, Redgate has tools for Exchange and SQL Server, so maybe it makes sense to have the annoying ...
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Raising the Tag Limit for Serverfault in Particular

I just ran into the 5 tags limit, asked a lot of questions and never thought to use that many tags before, but this time it would have been useful. So I would like a little higher tag limit myself. ...
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Bug: Unanswered My Tags empty after clicking on a couple tags

I was viewing Serverfault Unanswered Questions with My Tags, and clicked one of the tags in the Unasnwered tags list, on the right, I believe Apache. This took me to the Questions section, showing ...
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