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Server Fault is for system administrators and desktop support professionals, people who manage or maintain computers in a professional capacity for their company or clients.

If your question is about…

and it is not about…

  • Projects or uses of technology in a home setting. That includes the use of any of the above acceptable topics in a home environment.
  • Product or service recommendations. This includes requests for tutorials, books or other learning materials.
  • Career, salary, personnel, employment, or formal education
  • Licensing and Legal (lex legis)
  • Circumventing security or policy
  • Unauthorised hacking, password cracking, or system abuse and misuse

We have sister sites

  • StackOverflow for Programming
  • SuperUser for Networking, Servers, or Technology outside the professional workplace
  • Unix & Linux for general Unix/Linux computer troubleshooting
  • DBA for advanced database topics
  • IT Security for advanced security (implementation, theory, white hat)

We also have…

… a list of the most common questions with links to the "best" answer we've identified.

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