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Yes, this is the expected behavior. Note the following from the Help Center's Bounty Section All bounties are paid for up front and non-refundable under any circumstances. A bounty may attract more attention, and possibly better answers, but it does not guarantee either.


Good question. Maybe they got the answer they needed and didn't feel the need to stick around to tick any of our boxes? Member for 4+ years with 156 rep - even as stingy with votes as we are, that doesn't strike me as a user that's terribly invested in SF in general. Bounties are kinda strange... as much as I like collecting free internet points as much as ...


You click on "start a bounty" on an eligible question. From the bounty FAQ on MSO: "A bounty can be started on a question two days after the question was asked." As of this posting, your only unanswered question is 1 day old, and not eligible yet.


The question is a shopping question because it asks, and I quote: Does anyone know of any RAID cards which can be configured to check the parity of a redundant array every time data is read, and verify all writes with a read to ensure that the data on a single disk didnt become corrupt? As well as: I am specifically looking for a controller ...


You can flag it for moderator attention. A moderator can then deal with the bounty and close the question.


Life happens. I have created one bounty in my entire time at SF ... and ended up not "paying" it. I hit the site several times a day during the first 3-4 days of the bounty, and no workable answer was given. Then, something came up, and I ended up travelling for a couple of weeks. During that time a great answer was given, but I was otherwise busy and was ...


I don't think you read the bounty rules. The email links to the bounty rules; click that link. Auto-award can only occur when answer is provided after the bounty begin answer gets at least 2 votes The one answer isn't eligible because it was provided long before the bounty started. (you can mouse over the "in 22 hours" ...


You're almost there, the limit for offering bounties on your questions is 75 reputation points. Just a few more, and you're set.


This is not a bug, it is by design. You have to double the amount of your previous bounty for subsequent bounties on the same question. This mechanism is in place to avoid placing multiple cheap bounties on a question in order to maintain high visibility for it. So, since you already awarded a bounty of 50 rep on that question your next bounty on that ...


You can only wait and hope the user writes an answer, mods can't convert comments to answers. If he doesn't answer and no one else (except you) posts an answer, the bounty is lost, as you can't award the bounty to yourself.


Please read The important part for you: A bounty can be started on a question two days after the question was asked. This means you just can't add a bounty to your question less then an hour old yet. In my opinion: Save your rep points and use them to participate in the site. Bounties are not worth the hassle.


Your question was flagged as bounty abuse by at least two non-moderator users, after your edit made it clear the question was explicitly off-topic. Now that it is not bountied, it can be closed as the off topic question it is.


You can't award a single bounty to two users, but you can always create a second bounty once you've awarded the first one, and then award that one to the second user. There is even a specific bounty reason for this: You will, of course, need a little extra reputation in order to do this.


That's not possible now to be honest, but it's very nice of you to care. That said not many people really give too much of a toss about their rep these days, not for one accept anyway.


This is a feature. This is indeed a new feature (introduced in September 2011) to prevent abuse of the bounty system.This is mentioned explicitly in a few meta answers but, as far as I can tell, not in FAQs. One way this abuse was done was: Someone would post an answer on someone else's question, and then place a bounty on the question to draw attention ...


Can the question be migrated over to StackOverflow? No. It's far too old. And off-topic there as well. Can I bounty one of his other answers on an open question, and state in the bounty notice that it's for the x86 answer? Technically, maybe. But I would consider this an abuse of the system. Votes and bounties should be bound exclusively to the ...


Yes, this is correct - bounties are non-refundable. There are many reasons why you might have not get an answer: no one is interested in it or at least no one knowing a solution it's also strictly off-topic here (and has now been migrated). Many of our high-rep users are most likely not interested in bounties at all, let alone something as silly as 50 ...


This question has already had a bounty added (and awarded) (on this answer). Questions may not have more than one active bounty - so if you're not seeing the "add bounty" link I think you've found a bug (since the current bounty is awarded you should be able to add a new one). (I am seeing the "add bounty" link -- remember it's under the comments)


It's not a perfect system and it is something that worries me about the bounty system. Yes, the bounty can be awarded to someone automatically that has not answered your question, but has somehow tickled the community just enough to gain upvotes. I think that it is not known by enough people that the highest upvoted question will have the bounty awarded to ...


Hmmm...I was under the impression that a bounty would only be awarded for an accepted answer. To do otherwise seems a little unfair to me, as the bounty could be awarded for something that although was interesting did not answer the original question.

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