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Should I delete a question where the answer turned out to be a hardware problem?

The second option is more useful. Sometimes "Replace the hardware" is the correct answer. To make it even more helpful, add information that lead you to test this angle.
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What posts get deleted, and why?

27,911 posts were deleted on Server Fault during the past 365 days (query run on Feb. 16th, 2016). That breaks down as follows: Post Type Deleted by... Posts ...
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Question modified into new question after being answered

I think you were right to think that he should have posted a new question. Indeed, if he had not deleted it, I would have rolled back his edit and advised him to post his new problem separately. I ...
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Duplicate of deleted question

This is a consequence of the OP doing it wrong in asking a bad question, creating a new question instead of editing the port information into the original, then deleting the first instance after the ...
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Why was this question on remotely wiping deleted?

I don't know why it was deleted. I would guess it might have had something to do with the user's apparent unwillingness to pursue the issue; he seems to have just given up. I wouldn't have deleted it,...
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Why was this question on remotely wiping deleted?

I VTCed, so I suppose I should answer. I can't remember if I agreed with the close reason - I seem to recall that if only one respondent selects a different reason, it doesn't make it into the "...
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How to remove my question?

As long as no answer has been posted to your question, you should be able to just delete it, without any comment or explanation. Once an answer has been posted, you can no longer delete it. Moderators ...
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How can I access my own deleted questions?

If you still have the links to the deleted questions, you can always access them. You just have to preserve the links. You can still get the links of recently deleted questions (< 60 days) from ...
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Requesting undeletion of old roomba'd question that I'd like to answer and make visible

I have no problem to revive it as it seem on-topic. Thanks for taking the time to add an answer to the question.
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