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There is nothing that anyone here on ServerFault can do about this*. The 6-character minimum is part of the software used across all SE sites and is unlikely to be changed. Looking on meta.SE (where issues that affect all SE sites are raised), I see that it has been suggested to remove the limit for text inside code blocks: Is it a good idea to either drop ...


I always thought it was kind of silly to require someone who has a high enough reputation to edit a post themselves without approval from others must get approval from others to approve someone else's suggested edit. One of these days I'll be bored enough to go look for why that is still a thing. In the meantime I went to the suggested edits queue and got ...


I haven't been tracking the review-queues for various reasons, thanks for bringing up the lack of community involvement in the edit queue. That's one a moderator can help clean out with less controversy (our votes are binding, for everyone else you need a vote-count) than the close/re-open queues.


As long as the two forms are semantically identical, and you note that the original has been modified for readability, I don't think there's any major problem.

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