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Votes from users under 15 reputation

Since votes on comments don’t generate any reputation they don’t result in the notification of a change in reputation to the author. Votes on answers (and questions) by any user allowed to vote ...
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Reputation from sister sites should be considered

For such suggestion I think it must be asked on MSE, but please validate if it was already asked in the past there. I would not migrate directly as often duplicate get downvoted a lot on MSE I think ...
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2 votes

No rep refund after bounty expired?

Yes, this is correct - bounties are non-refundable. There are many reasons why you might have not get an answer: no one is interested in it or at least no one knowing a solution it's also strictly ...
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Why can i still not ask questions?

I cannot answer for Stack Overflow, but here on Server Fault, you are not banned.
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