Thanks a lot for your times to write that to explain the situation. It’s really appreciated. I will state it to let other know that I don’t intend to quit my moderation tasks. nb; to state my position on the issue: If some of you are following what unfolded with the new CoC, please know that I was a witness in the start of the event, and in a indirect ...


Thanks again for these summaries, Ward. Personally, I've been writing answers under a Don't assume gender rule for many years now. This has generally been pretty easy here. As Ward notes, The strict Q/A format doesn't require much in the way of pronoun usage. Why use a pronoun when you works as well. Where it comes in are comments, especially when more ...


Not much has actually happened in the last month or so... SE never responded to Monica's attempts to talk and she eventually decided her only recourse was legal action. Once that started, SE's official had to become "no comment," and they decided to remove any links they become aware of (including profiles and usernames) to the GoFundMe Monica Cellio page ...


Your question has to do with system administration, and is on topic here. I can't say whether you're more likely to get a good answer at Sharepoint, but most of the questions I have seen there are about using it, rather than administering it. You might also want to ask about the question on their site meta.


tldr; some sub-sites are justified, others are just a pain. I believe so, especially when you consider that revenue is generated via ads, and the more visits to a single SE site the better. I tried to get the good folks over at RPi.SE to see that their questions fit happily inside of a linux SE and a Embedded electronics site such as that proposal I just ...


Declining as we only support Google v31+ (I know it wasn't the case before, but it's not worth fixing it now).


So, fast forward to 2014, Stackexchange can now be accessed via https (Yay! And rightly so: Wikipedia is "public" too, still I don't want my employer/wifi sponsor/isp/... to eavesdrop on the connection) - but only with mixed content (Imgur? Quantcast?) and with TLS 1.0 only. Are there any plans to fix this as well?

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