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The key is that questions must be about managing information technology systems in a business environment. This means we are only interested in actual technical problems you face while doing this. Fundamental questions about protocols are off-topic.


I closed it, and for me it's borderline with another close reason, as it's could be seen as a learning recommendation. I chooses that close reason, as like Sven told it talk about managing, which your question is not, and the close reason point to StackOverflow, where 'how to do an implantation of the said protocol' would be most probably talked. A quick ...


You need 8 spaces for code formatting in lists. 1. This is a test With code will display as: This is a test With code


No, there is not. Maybe look into your browser history.


Closing a question (same thing as putting it on hold) has nothing to do with being encouraging or not. It's a way to pause activity on a question while issues with it are being resolved. Your question did/does have issues (more on that in a bit), so accusing someone of "taking their angst out on you" is counterproductive - that's deinitely not what ...


I didn't know how to revoke a bounty before this, but now I do... I expect you and the other commentors to throw some close votes on it if you feel it deserves it.


The duration "7 days ago" appears to be accurate. Keep in mind that times displayed on SF are in UTC. In particular, the question was posted on 2018-11-12 21:41:30Z. The current time is 2018-11-20 17:09:15Z. When the time reaches 21:41:30Z in a little over four hours then the duration displayed will change to "8 days ago". If you hover the mouse over the ...


My guess: The red shade is used for the original poster of the question, both in the question and in answers. As you also guessed.


By (faulty?) design the UI hides deleted posts even from their author unless you have sufficient reputation... deleted by Community♦ 54 mins ago (RemoveDeadQuestions) This question was automatically deleted. Please see the help center for more information.


If you are getting the message: “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account” Then you need to read the post you were given a link to. That is all of the advice anyone can give you. It means you've asked too many questions which have not been well-received - they've been downvoted and/or closed and/or deleted. In a comment on your ...


Maybe the answer by Sven suggesting to check your browser history will help you. There is however a few possible reasons why a question you have previously seen could be difficult to find again: The title could have been changed. The question could have been migrated to another StackExchange site. The question could have been closed as a duplicate. The ...

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