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I didn't know how to revoke a bounty before this, but now I do... I expect you and the other commentors to throw some close votes on it if you feel it deserves it.


You can wait 24H if a serial downvoter. Each day a script run and the action would be removed and the user that did it will have a flag. If after 24/48H the action was not undone you can privately contact the support,, or use the contact us at the bottom of the page. Explain the situation and they will be able to correctly see ...


This short of thing should be reported to the company, there's an option in the Contact Us form specifically for reporting outside sites that are improperly using SE content. In this case, I've just used the form to report it, so you don't need to.


You can flag the question on Superuser and ask a moderator to move the question. A SU moderator can move it, I can't from my side initiate the move. I think SU got a chat room with all moderators inside it, so they can answer fast too; I suggest some edits to include the correct tag, ...


Use the (fairly) recently introduced "Custom Question Lists" feature: On the Questions page, click the Filter button Add the tags you want to whitelist to the "Tagged with:" list Click the Save custom filter button and give it a name like "My Whitelist" Go back to the Questions page, click the "More" dropdown and select your custom filter


The authoritative information on post bans is in the post that's linked to in the message you see about the ban. A summary is: The ban is completely automatic, there's nothing a moderator can do about it. The ban is based on all your questions, including deleted ones. You have 5 deleted questions, 3 of them have 0 votes, 2 are -ive. A few downvoted ...


As I said in a comment there, it would make it clearer if you would define the time period you're actually interested in and ask how to configure that in Prometheus. I think that's what you mean, but since your example Nagios time period is "all the time," I'm not sure.


If you're using a panel, do you have a provider, or did you set it up yourself? Talk to your provider's support staff. Alternatively, there are some coding/IT fora around. Reddit might be a good place to look.


I also don't have any negative votes on my questions Two of your still-visible questions ("Adding an A record where the hostname has a forward slash" and "Unable to set a cron job in Centos") are voted below-zero, as well as two of your five deleted questions.

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