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I wouldn't take it personally. I have it on good authority that the guy's just a prick. But, he's a prick who's going through a massive tag cleanup effort at the moment, so he probably bumped into a group of your old questions because of their tags. I'd venture a guess that upon reviewing those questions with the site's current topicality rules in mind, ...


I've gone with @kasperd 's suggestion and synonymized, then merged 443 to port-443.


My initial thought upon reading the question was that 443 was a rarely used HTTP status code. It turns out that's not what it was used for. Which proves your point about the naming being extremely poor. I agree that port-443 would be much better. I don't have much opinion on whether renaming or creating both names with 443 being a synonym for port-443 is ...


I would suggest we merge the tag with HTTPS. The current description already says "AKA HTTPS"... And we might as well merge port-80 with HTTP.


I can't see any good reason why either of these tags exists. As far as I'm concerned, they can be burninated.


This has been completed and all questions relating to Tinc VPN are correctly tagged. Just providing an answer so this can be considered answered.

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