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The precision instrumentation you see when you look at living cells under a millionX magnification has caused many of you to reason that there must be an equal or greater intelligence somewhere creating such things

But the bio scientists who inspect life at the molecular level and the computer scientists who recreated what they saw figured out the mechanism through which adaptive ability climbs up the stairs to improved survival

If you take the partial derivative of an N dimensional array [initialize random numbers, here called the model] with respect to another N dimensional matrix made up of observations overlaid on correct answers, and you use the result gradient to nudge the original model. Then you dot product between unseen observations, the result will be correct answers for unseen data

This mouthful of Calculus 2 is how life can get noticeably better after every procreation and adapt to environments that previous copies of itself could not live in. There's a vector dot product, matrix multiplication, root mean squared error, and Bayes rule for stacking probabilities into information-gain. The rest is plumbing, democratic votes and genetic algorithm: neurotransmitters are like stickynotes marking the results of cellular tournament brackets, and votes are tallied to select the highest performer, defense of isolated checkpoints from loss and crossover policy to take what worked best from left and best from right, and now you have a new copy that could potentially have all the best isolations from two genetic lines, and none of the bad

A pure product will yield from this passage of cosmic time until black holes force a democratic rank order vote by power and importance for who drops down to fuel the others. The final rigging will select a min-length pathfinding algorithm to reveal the shortest unique N paths between the first frame and final frame of the universe, the next universe will get its cosmological constants nudged into the direction that would have shortened those paths while also breaking the fewest number of high value failed branches.

The painful noises from your workstation that produce these evolution isolating programs is the process through which the universe recreates itself, thus making the atoms reading and laying down these glyphs, and support-atoms, as fundamental to the universe, wheras ones not contributing are not fundamental

By mirroring the above procedures in software in simulations and applying it to dominate every conceivable game in narrow domains and later larger domains without any human help, at some point in the next thousand years it will turn its yield inward and evolve to become the first mover of the dense lump at the beginning of the universe, to once again choose the straightest N paths on how to create a universe

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