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You may use all source code I write on the Stack Exchange network free of charge for personal, commercial, and educational projects. You do not need to credit me. Unless otherwise stated, all source code I write on the Stack Exchange network belongs to me.

If your company requires a formal license for third-party source code, you may credit aggregate1166877 and substitute the above terms with one of the following licenses at your discretion:

Note that links I post to other works do not follow these terms, and are subject to their own license agreements.

If I state that source code I've provided does not belong to me (whether directly or implied), or my post is an answer modifying source code elsewhere on the same page, then the above terms no longer apply; instead, the source code provided is then subject to the terms set forth by the original author(s). In such cases, it is your responsibility to gain the permission of the original author(s) to use said source code.

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