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Site design update is now live
26 votes

Two words: readability sucks. Gray fonts, bleached colors, buttons that can be lost to sunglare. Not fun, and certainly not easy to read.

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Community Promotion Ads - 2015
11 votes

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Community Promotion Ads - 2016
7 votes

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Veeery old review answer
Accepted answer
4 votes

This answer at Meta SE posits that this is OK: This is, while unusual, an expected result of the system. The way the late answers queue works is by checking two things. Was the answer posted at ...

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The bad tag collection
3 votes

Nuke it: administration. Totally useless on a site dedicated to, you guessed right, administration.

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Badge Request - Philanthropist Badge
2 votes

Helping others is THE reward. Badges, reputation, and privileges are just fluff and will not last long (in geological terms).

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How to handle surreptitious promotions
2 votes

This particular brand of spammers has been active here last year (flagged a few), we can be sure that they are promoting a kind of PST converter, and that they will return. The warm fuzzy feeling is ...

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Many old questions getting additional proftpd/vsftpd tags
0 votes

Mass edits should be asked for and co-ordinated on Meta. The mods can deal with mass editing much better than non-mod users. We can e.g. provide the mods (or high-rep users) with a list of questions ...

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