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Alex Pakka
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Mostly designing and developing complex web solutions, with a focus on overall architecture, front to back:

  • React or Vue, CSS/SASS frameworks like Bulma/Bootstrap/Materialize, ES6+
  • JAX-RS, MyBatis, microservices, Dropwizard
  • Redis, Mongo, most SQL databases, etc.
  • event-driven web-ui/websockets,...

...also couple of years mobile development experience (Android and BlackBerry), good with Netty and protocols in general, high-speed NIO channels with disruptors and low GC, OpenJ9 and Hotspot.

Experience splitting up complex monoliths into scalable clusters in the cloud. I can also configure and deploy it all to a bare bones HA Linux environments. Proficient in Docker and Kubernetes.

Developed some computer graphics algorithms, especially in 3D, can write raytracer with ambient occlusion without googling anything. Did couple of small projects with ThreeJS and Oimo, including some shaders.

Decent experience in FP, wrote a bunch of parser-combinators, can fmap() my way through a backend feature and explain, why a monad looks like a monoid in a category of endofunctors, starting with a category definition.

My other passion is skiing. Fluent in German, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

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