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Nathan Reynolds is an Architect at Oracle and works in PSR (Performance, Scalability and Reliability), a team dedicated towards optimizing Oracle Middleware software. In this role, he oversees the technical aspects of analyzing profiles, figuring out optimizations, optimizing code and measuring performance impact.

Since joining Oracle in 2002, he has worked only in the PSR team. He has a keen interest in concurrency and makes regular valuable contributions to the animated discussions on the concurrency-interest mailing list. After analyzing 650 heap dumps across Oracle workloads, he presented Java Memory Hogs which identifies the most important memory problems in the average Java program. He confers with Intel processor architects on how to make their processors run Oracle software faster as well as optimize Oracle software to take advantage of latest processor features. One project has him adding Intel’s TSX functionality into Oracle Business Intelligence.

Mr. Reynolds holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Brigham Young University. This multi-disciplined instruction allows him to deeply understand hardware ramifications when optimizing software.

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