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Is it OK to just ask a question so you can post your own answer?
Accepted answer
28 votes

To add to MichaelHampton's answer, the SE network encourages this style of information sharing, which is why it was made possible a while back to ask a question and post an answer at the same time. (...

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Why are learning materials questions off-topic?
21 votes

I think this may be confusing for a new person to grasp, it was hard for me to grasp as well. I'll do the best I can. We want to attract experts The main site has specific guidelines ...

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About bad questions, is answering them a way to encourage them?
Accepted answer
13 votes

I say yes, it is. If nothing else, answered bad questions can be used as a precedent to ask more bad questions.

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Should ServerFault loosen its tie and start allowing "Shopping" questions?
12 votes

I'm not sure we should 'just say no' on this one. Crap questions are gonna be here. However, there is some really niche, hard to find software out there, that other sysadmins may have come across. ...

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Can we increase the number of close-votes per day?
8 votes

Bumping this. Given recent events it's possible we need this now more than ever. I've burned through 20 in an hour today alone, and our close queue is steadily increasing. I'm in favor of an ...

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New close reason - Proposals (April 2015)
6 votes

One reason I propose is either Failure to show prior effort to solve the problem According to our guidelines for asking a good question, Server Fault should be the last stop in your quest for ...

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Are we getting out-of-hand with all of the sub-communities?
4 votes

tldr; some sub-sites are justified, others are just a pain. I believe so, especially when you consider that revenue is generated via ads, and the more visits to a single SE site the better. I tried to ...

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Is a machine used primarily as a professional workstation considered "professional capacity"?
3 votes

Serverfault is a place for questions related to professional system administration. That is a question specific to your employer, or, at the very liberal,, though I suspect they'll punt ...

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Election Voting -- Why can I DOWNVOTE a candidate?
1 votes

To add to Iain's answer, to make it to the second Election round, I believe the candidate needs to have a positive net vote count. That is, more people approve than disapprove of the candidate.

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Question about making an address inside a VPN public temporarily
-2 votes

The question is on-topic, although beware that asking questions about trying to defeat a VPN will yield answers about it being bad practice, but I do have a constructive answer for you, should you ask ...

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