Calle Dybedahl

Started using Perl somewhere around version 4.030. Started administrating Unix boxes when I wanted the install a new Perl version and someone said "Do it yourself, here's the root password". I have been in at least one Perl programming project where I had programmed Perl longer than another other team member had been alive. We were both quite disturbed by this.

In 2008 I started consulting for the Swedish top-level registry, taking care of their DNSCheck tool. This led to me learning far more about DNS than anybody should have to, and eventually to a cooperation with the French TLD registry to write a from-scratch replacement for our DNSCheck and their Zonecheck. The result is Zonemaster. We won CENTR's 2015 award for best R&D project.

I have since moved on, and will spend much of 2016 helping the Swedish police force speed up their software development.

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