Francisco Tapia
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Who i am?

I'm Francisco Tapia from Chile, i'm Telecom Technician, i've two beautifull childs and a very very cute and smart wife(thats why she choose me ;D).

My Skills

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA).
  • Linux Eenthusiast, my favourite disto' is Debian, but personnaly im more skilled in Red Hat Based distros.
  • Im not Proggrammer by carreer but i want to be, my favourite languaje is Python, but i know some or Ruby too, scripting languajes also i know as Shellscript.

What i hate?

  • Brogrammers.
  • Obsolete People.
  • People who want to hurt someone.
  • Idiots

What i'm doing now?

Well. actually i've finished to learn Python, and im currently learning C++, Java, Ruby, PHP and Django. Soon i'll enroll into 2 courses RH200 and OSCP.

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