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Chris Sherlock
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Intermittent LibreOffice developer (mainly looking at the VCL module). Constantly looking at this ancient codebase, but always impressed by how much refactoring is going on!

An interesting fact about me is that I was three times an administrator on Wikipedia, going by the username ta_bu_shi_da_yu and then later tbsdy_lives. Amongst my accomplishments on that project I invented the [citation needed] tag, so I guess that makes me a little-known but nonetheless minor 'net celebrity.

My areas of expertise are:

  • C++
  • Java (I know a fair bit about Spring)
  • Databases
  • Linux (though a bit rusty)

In terms of databases, I'm actually very interested in mainly relational databases, not much expertise in NoSQL databases but that's mainly because I'm not that interested in them - and only then because I find they normally only really fit into niche markets I don't work in. Maybe I'll also drink of the Kool-Aid and become a rabid fan - it could happen!

However, I'm interested in the mathematics behind RDBMSes (relations, relational algebra) and data structures that are used in database engines (in particularly indexes) like hashmaps, btrees, etc. My experience is in SQL Server and Oracle, not a huge amount of experience in Postgres but the more I use it and read about it, the more I like it.

In terms of C++, that's something I am constantly learning more and more about. Right now I'm interested in the STL, but also looking at C++11 features like lambdas, etc. Still trying to work out where I'd ever use an rvalue :-)

Currently looking way more deeply into how to better create semantically correct HTML5 pages, with all styling where it should be - in the css file.

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