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Dacid Salin
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  • Lewis and Clark Co, Montana, United States

Network Engineer, working with Cisco routers/switches/Nexus, Windows/Linux servers on vCenter servers (VMware) and some Cisco Call Manager. Worked with all versions of Windows except pre 3.1.

Started with DOS several decades ago (before Windows 3.1 was mainstream), worked my way through Netware (was a Netware 3.12 CNE and just 2 tests away from MCNE).

Working at an MSP again after taking a break to work in corporate IT at a hospital (small one with 80 guest servers on 3 VMware hosts - Converged Network Adapters connected to Cisco Nexus switches, and setup FC on to EMC VNX SAN that I implemented. Fast, rock solid and amazing. Now back to customers that don't want to do things the corporate way, but go as inexpensively as they can, yet expecting the world (oh and no server backups, just some of there data - that's so common it makes me nuts...).

ShoreTel UCSI and soon UCSE. A+ Server+ Lenovo Workstation, desktop, laptop, low end and midrange server warranty certified. Manager of 7.

I'm a river that is mile wide and a foot deep, not specialized with anything, but a generalist with many things.

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