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MSE's resident Pokémon nerd, graduate student in mathematics, and lover of pineapple on pizza. 🍍

Aside from stuff pertaining to MSE, I was once a regular contributor to GameFAQs (old profile), occasionally speedrun (profile) or grind on RetroAchievements (profile), and run a Pokémon-themed community Discord server with over 20,000 members (invite). I also occasionally can be seen poking around other Stack Exchange sites (math is my specialty though), VGMaps, Pokémon Showdown, and spend a large time watching YouTube videos in a variety of STEM subjects or video games.

So far academically, I graduated from undergrad in the spring of 2019 and currently am in grad school. I also study topics on my own a fair bit, especially over breaks; recently, I've been studying from Apostol's Introduction to Analytic Number Theory. I still feel have a long way to go before I can call myself a "master" of any sort of mathematics, but if nothing else I feel like I have a quite broad knowledge pool that's stoked more interests than I can reasonably pursue in my lifetime.

Currently my personal inclinations lie towards algebraic topics (e.g. abstract algebra, category theory) but I've had quite an extensive look in analytic topics due to my coursework (especially real analysis, measure theory, functional analysis, and PDE theory). Ultimately, though, all math is cool and beautiful and I have a deep appreciation for all of it.

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