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Noah Broyles
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I started programming with Java and now I'm into Python. Macs and Linux all day for me! Don't even mention Windows.

import base64
print ("Contact: " , base64.b64decode(b'KDUxMykgNDc5LTU1NzM='.decode('utf-8',errors = 'strict')).decode())

Or if you're not that cool: will work.

yup = ['πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰', 'πŸ˜‰']
print("Favourite number: " + str(len(yup)))  # πŸ˜‰

Don't even think about counting those.

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