I recently noticed that I do not see any way to add comments - on this site and also on wordpress.stackexchange.com. I can't tell if that's to do with my point status on these sites, or if my recent upgrade to FF4 is a better explanation.

If I don't have 'comment' privileges, shouldn't I get a pop-up telling me so, when I attempt it, as is the case when up-voting questions?


You need at least 50 reputation to comment. If you do not have enough reputation, you will not see the add comment link. Most other privileges (e.g. view votes, vote to close, etc.) will also not display their link/button until you've earned the appropriate amount of reputation.

  • unless it's my own question -- apparently. – marfarma Apr 18 '11 at 1:35

"I no longer see any link or button to add comments"

I assume you mean, on your own questions and posts you have this privilege earlier.. see the /faq !

  • No - it's that I have enough points on other stackexchange sites to comment on other people's questions, and I never previously noted the difference between the privilege required to comment on my own questions, or answers - versus those of someone else. Combine that with FF4 behaving badly for me, and I was confused about whether it was 'just me' or not. – marfarma Apr 18 '11 at 23:26

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