Over the last days, I had a few attempts of vandalizing questions/answers in my "approve edit" queue. This morning, it was the user "gnu" for three times and I wonder what to do about this. Just rejecting the edit helps the immediate problem of course, but I feel this shouldn't be all.

Edit: With Iain's help I got them back, so here are a few examples:


The edit

sdfsfsdfsfsfsfsfsffsdfsfs df sf sf s f asf s fs df asf

convinced me that these edits were pretty intentional. So, in this case the user will be suspended for at least one day. Also, he'll receive a warning email.

If there are similar cases, please just flag them and add a short explanation. Moderators will take care of them.

Thank you!

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    Thanks, but I am not sure what to flag to make work the easiest for mods. I couldn't find an option to flag a user or an edit, so do I flag the question or answer that is vandalized? – Sven May 6 '11 at 16:35

Remember that if you get enough edit suggestion rejections, you cannot suggest edits for 7 days.

This is enforced both by account and by IP address.

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