Is the highlight for interesting questions in SF too light?

I think it is. I barely noticed that I already have interesting tags until I shifted my view from my monitor.

Increasing the contrast of the interesting question would be nice.

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Preface: I'm color blind and rarely use ServerFault.

Yes, yes it is way too light. Please darken it for us folks who have trouble comparing colors.

  • Perhaps I'm color blind as well.
    – Randell
    Commented Sep 30, 2009 at 3:57

Looks and feels fine.

It's on that shade just before being too dark and way too light to notice. But right now, it's a nice kind of pancake batter hue to it.

But that's only from a perspective on a non-colour blind user. If you are, then as Eric points out, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay too light to differentiate.

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