This question was, I concede, initially poorly constructed. It got an immediate downvote and garnered the necessary votes to close/hold it.

It has evolved and now I dare to differ that - how to configure detailed monitoring of a server's internal operations - is directly related to system administration and that this is the appropriate stack for it. I'm confident you'll sort me out if I'm mistaken.

I've worked on the problem for a few days and can now add a comprehensive answer; it's really not as silly a question as it may have initially appeared; there are, imho, poor and/or undocumented bits and bobs required to get the desired results.

But I suspect it needs someone to reopen in order for me to answer it with what I've learned. thx.

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    In the future you might want to avoid annotating your edits with "make it plain this is related to system admin, for whichever nazi has flagged this question as off-topic." The question, as you originally wrote it was awful, and closing it because it was awful (or because you didn't seem to know what you were doing, which I suspect is what the other close-voters picked) was the right thing to do. Putting questions on hold is specifically intended to give the person asking it a chance to fix it, which you did. Commented Mar 10, 2014 at 7:51

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The correct way to do this is to flag the question for moderator attention and ask for a review and possible re-opening in there.

Posting on Meta is also perfectly fine; it will get attention here, but much slower than a mod flag.

If you flag for re-opening, and your flag is declined, then Meta is also the correct place to get attention to your issue.

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    If a closed question gets edited, it gets put in the reopen queue so coming to meta/flagging for moderator attention shouldn't be necessary in the first instance.
    – user9517
    Commented Mar 10, 2014 at 6:27

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