Any way that we can add domains to a blacklist? I'm thinking a list of known spam related links that will require a 2000+ or 3000+ rep to link to in a post. If this already exists, there are a few password reset related domains that should be blacklisted. They're recurring problems. I'd post them here, but don't want to give them publicity.

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Yes, this already exists. Domains are only added when people spam them with manual moderator action. If you have particular recommendations, you can ask a moderator or e-Mail the team. If they're a recurring problem, you should post them here.


I am not sure blacklisting the domains is the way to go. Since most of them are tied to a few questions about password recovery it may be easier to flag the questions and request that our moderators set those questions to protected. I suspect even the small rep requirement will prevent most of the drive-by posts about various password recovery tools that seem to be accumulating on a few questions.


It would be nice, wouldn't it? Such a system would require maintenance. Keep flagging 'em! I'll make a note to keep track of the password tag m'self. I flagged many of those a week or so ago, didn't know they were back.

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