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Why can't we black list questions with description contain mobile number and string loans?

As we seeing lots of spam why can't we black list questions with description contain mobile number and string "loans" combo in this platform?
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Massive Spam Attacks since couple of days

It seems that My first page on ServerFault looks like gets a lot of hits for the same spam type, and I'm already hitting the flag limits what could be ...
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2 answers

Homepage spammed

Today, I saw a ton of posts by a ton of different account advertising the NBA. They completly filled the homepage and used up all my flags. What happened and how can this be prevented, since this has ...
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Posting a link to a site with list

User asks "Is IIS SFTP natively supported by Windows Server 2012 R2?". The question is in "protected" state. The correct answer is that IIS does not support SFTP and that he has to install a third ...
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One of my answers keeps getting spammed

For some reason this answer keeps getting editing by spammers, can we just lock the question for good?
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Should spam flag have optional hidden comment?

When flagging a post spam because of a single URL considered as spam it may be challenging to find the reason for flag, if the post otherwise is well formed. For example there seems to be a user ...
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Is useful 'spam', really spam?

While Googling for a utility a few weeks ago, I came up against this question: Automated method to convert .reg registry file to reg.exe commands Which was exactly what I was after. However, the ...
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Is there a sudden large influx of spam suggested edits?

This morning there were six suggested edits waiting in the queue. Three of them were spam: ...
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11 votes
3 answers

How to handle surreptitious promotions

This question's answer has a couple of comments of a rather suspicious nature which left me with the impression that the question's author is trying really hard to drive the discussion towards a ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Dealing with blatant spam posts

A new user just registered and posted two spam posts, one of which was very long. Both posts started to get downvoted very quickly, and a number of close votes were made. The questions were live for ...
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Are answers from a vendor allowed?

I noticed that one of the answers to this question about CloudFlare is from a user named damoncloudflare. Looking at other answers from that user, they are all about CloudFlare and it's clear from ...
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Can we add "rapidssl" to the list of banned words please?

I'm sick of deleting the spam we get from their millions of 'resellers'.
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14 votes
2 answers

Do mods now have to write nice emails to spammers?

I just noticed I can no longer quickly suspend spammers, I have to write an email to them (most have invalid emails anyway). I know this is to appease the few users per year who, when their first 5 ...
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User posting spammy links

This user seems to do nothing but post links to They have made several identical posts pointing to the same software, depending on the question they're answering. It's not ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Blacklist domains?

Any way that we can add domains to a blacklist? I'm thinking a list of known spam related links that will require a 2000+ or 3000+ rep to link to in a post. If this already exists, there are a few ...
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Etiquette for blatent product pushers?

This question, is a good one. This guys answer, isn't. When I suggest a product, I like to at least add the fact that I've used it, and my reasons for recommending. It's the "try this", without a ...
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Spam users to dispose of

"" That search gave me a nice list of posts that got missed when we started spam-flagging. There are three users used for ...
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Can we get an 'anti-spam' message put in the FAQ please

Maybe it's a bugbear of mine but we seem to have had a lot of spamming recently; from tiny one-man operations in the far east to employees of large vendors peddling their hardware. It's easy to delete ...
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Someone Spamming Serverfault with Noise

Look like there is maybe someone trying out scripts that needs to be blocked: Leave Windows Session Logged On Noticed it since they are responses to my question. It stuff like: "asdasdasdasd"
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Cydeck bulk-spamming serverfault users?

I was the recipient of the following message: My name is Angelica Tello, and I saw your information on Serverfault. I’m interested in getting feedback from tech professionals on a few questions. ...
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13 votes
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Colasoft "Spammers"

I have noticed a couple of people on SF that are "spamming" for a company called colasoft. If this was traditional one-liner spam I would be flagging it and moving on with my life. However there is ...
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