When looking at the Server Fault logo in this SVG file, it looks like this (zoomed):

enter image description here

You can see that the blocks in the third column are some "pixels" down in Y compared to the blocks in the other two columns.

(The meta icon seems to have the same behaviour)

To me this looks like a bug.

Probably I'm overly nit-picky, I just wanted to notify about this here.


Yes, it confirmed by looking of source code of svg file. The xml below was grabbed from svg file especially on SF logo parts.

            <rect x="-176.6" y="-178.1" fill="#A7A8AB" width="22" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-176.6" y="-171" fill="#808284" width="22" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-176.6" y="-164.4" fill="#59595B" width="22" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-176.6" y="-185.1" fill="#D1D2D4" width="22" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-176.6" y="-157.3" fill="#221F1F" width="22" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-152" y="-178.1" fill="#982224" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-152" y="-171" fill="#630F16" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-152" y="-164.4" fill="#2B1315" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-152" y="-185.1" fill="#E7282D" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-152" y="-157.3" fill="#221F1F" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-140.1" y="-177.9" fill="#A7A8AB" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-140.1" y="-170.8" fill="#808284" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-140.1" y="-164.2" fill="#59595B" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-140.1" y="-184.9" fill="#D1D2D4" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>
            <rect x="-140.1" y="-157.1" fill="#221F1F" width="9.4" height="4.4"/>

SF logo consists of 5 x 3 rectangular and can be grouped per "column". You can notice that the third group has different y properties compared with other groups. The differences of y position is 0.2 pixel.

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