A few days ago I saw a question with this comment:

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because you have a couple of very descriptive error messages and your question doesn't show any research effort or steps you've taken to resolve those issues.

I wanted to vote to close this question also, for the same reason, and I was surprised to discover that this exact reason existed.

I've selected this reason.

But this reason only existed for this specific question, while I was thinking that an update has been done.

This voting to close reason was from a very high rated member, so I am thinking that they have privilege to close a given question with an ephemeral reason.

I know this has already been discussed, and it is not the goal on this post, but lack of research is a good reason to close, and should be proposed by default (IMHO).

My questions are:

  • Were my eyes tired or did I see right? (grrr I should have take a screenshot)
  • Can you confirm that high rated members can add an ephemeral close reason for a given question that does not appear in the standard/usual close form?

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Anyone with the close votes privilege can make up their own close reason by selecting "Other (add a comment explaining what is wrong)". The reason is also posted as a comment, and other users can then select it as the close reason, but only on that post.

This has been available for nearly two years now.

  • Well sorry...i should have read the user guide...mean "Read that f*** manual !" :)
    – krisFR
    Commented May 20, 2015 at 13:00

If you type in a custom off-topic reason, that reason will be available for anyone else to use. I can't test it right now, but I'm pretty sure multiple custom reasons can be seen if different close-voters type them in.

Here, go to this question: Push code from GitHub to (suppose) GoDaddy automatically Vote to close it as off-topic, and you should see what I just typed in. But don't select that, pick "other" at the bottom and type in a close reason.

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