How can I make Haproxy do health-check for backup servers only if all non-backup servers are unavailable?

I don't know what is the reason to vote-down this question, can you all help me find out this possible vote-down reason?

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    Please don't edit your question in a way that invalidates existing answers. You turned your question into a completely new one. You should ask a new question for this. You can refer to this question for reference if you feel the need to. Commented Mar 24, 2019 at 6:55

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It's hard to tell how many servers you're talking about and how they're used:

  • how many is "lots" of backup servers
  • what do you mean by "slower unstable-online" ?
  • what does "unlikely unavailable" mean? Did you mean likely?

I just read the question, and I don't understand what you are looking for.

I was about to think that you mean backup server, to create a backup, but as I seen the tag haproxy so I guess it's for that product.

For me it's unclear as-is. Please edit to add detail.


It's not a bad question. It's clear enough for people who know well haproxy and they could surely answer it. The concept is technically valid. The problem with the question: it's very hard to parse for people who aren't versed in this particular area of haproxy config (i.e. the backup keyword).

Why are these people's understanding relevant? Well, here we care mainly about them - this site's main goal isn't to help you (brutally speaking). It's 1% to help you and 99% to help all other people who will google at some point for the same class of problems.

For the sake of them, try not to focus on backup. Because backup here is also a part of solution, not a part of the 'business' problem. Surely, after you re-visit the question (after some time) you'll find a way to express the problem in a way that is understandable to people who have many backends, use haproxy, have a limited throughput, but never used backup keyword yet.

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