Can we have the bounty removed from this question so that we can close it please? The question is the epitome of a bad question that is unanswerable and is attracting some truly bad answers ;) Only one of the 5 that are currently there is even positive.

I don't see how this is even vaguely topical for SF. Why $company prices $product the way that it does is not a practical system administration issue.


I didn't know how to revoke a bounty before this, but now I do...

I expect you and the other commentors to throw some close votes on it if you feel it deserves it.

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    Thank you! I already tried to close it but was stymied by the bounty. – Iain May 23 at 21:10
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    Unrelated: did you see my friend Pauric today strava.com/activities/2390817238 :) – Iain May 23 at 21:10

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