I have an idea for a new tag. I think adding this tag would improve Server Fault. How do I add this tag? I am not finding documentation of how to do this.

Topics I would like to know about creating a new tag:

  • What things should I check, to confirm that the tag is helpful and needed? For instance, I should probably check that there are existing questions which apply to this proposed tag.
  • What is the reputation threshold to be able to create a tag?
  • If I don't have enough reputation to create a tag myself, how should I propose it for someone else to create? Post a question on Meta Server Fault, or do something else?
  • If I do have sufficient reputation to create the tag, what button or UI do I look for to perform the tag creation?

(I think the details of the tag I have in mind don't matter. I don't want to discuss my proposed tag here. What I am looking for is some documentation about tag creation in general.)

  • It turns out this question is answered by two articles in the existing SF Help Center. However, I was not able to discover the Help Center when I came to Server Fault, then Meta Server Fault, with the question of "how do I create a new tag". I think that indicates a user experience design problem, that the Help Center content is not discoverable enough. I believe that adding links from the tag wiki for [tags] to the Help Center content will improve this situation. Commented Apr 13, 2020 at 19:42

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If you see a need for a new tag, consult Help Center > Privileges > create tags. There is advice there on evaluating if the proposed tag is appropriate to add. Create the tag by adding it to a question. To do this, you need to have the Create Tags privilege, which is awarded at 300 reputation on Server Fault. If you do not have this much reputation, post a question on Meta Server Fault asking someone else to create it.

Some questions about how to use Server Fault are asked and answered on Meta Server Fault. But there is more information in the Help Center. Searches in Meta Server Fault don't return results in the Help Center. You can find the Help Center via the link [Help] in the lower-left of Server Fault pages.

  • I have proposed adding the first paragraph of this answer to the Tag Info for [tags] in MSF. That will put the information in the place where I first tried to look for it. Commented Apr 13, 2020 at 19:36

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