Being attracted from the name "ServerFault" I thought this was the best StackExchange site to ask about servers which I own with AWS.

But when going through the tour and some meta questions, I realized that what I was going to ask on this site was not on-topic here.

The questions I was intending to ask here are off-topic because:

  • They are not for business environment, but for development environment.
  • They are result of hit and trial and experimentation.

My point is.. I own some EC2 instances to learn new things. Maybe one day I'll be doing those things in a production/business environment. But what about the question I am having right now?

Edit 1

I have question about Nginx, Jenkins, OpenVPN, DNS, CDN.. where do those go?

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There are a variety of sites more welcoming of learners:

I'm not sure where in the Stack is the best home for learning AWS-specific things, but DevOps isn't a terrible choice.

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