I think the should be split into two tags: and something to refer to patching a computer, perhaps would be a good name (I'm open to other options, though). Or, could refer to software patches, and a new tag, is made for rack-mounted patch panels.

Here's my thoughts: Looking at the first few pages of questions for it, it refers to one of two things: patch panels (like for a server rack) and patching a computer (applying an update to fix something). The highest voted questions are about software patches, but there are also some questions about patch panels. Both are on-topic here... but they are two different things. The tag currently has no usage guidance, so a new tag should get some.


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This isn't a widely used tag, getting under 120 questions after 12 years. But the confusion in there is clear. I'm fine with weeding it, and sorting what's in there between maybe and . This kind of mass retagging tends to dominate the front page for a bit when we do it.

That said, I can set a tag-wiki for to indicate what kind of patch we're talking about.

After digging through the tag, this is what I found

  • 93 questions relating to software or hardware patch management.
  • 7 questions relating to patch-panels and related
  • 1 question directly about patch-cables.

Given this, I'm fine with doing the following:


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