Why is Gerald doing what WPSE mods asked him to do? Closing my question for no reason?

What are some good Nginx rate limits for WordPress websites?

Very tired of the petty power trips and egos that destroy the quality of SE network, this is why so many people have stopped participating here, because they must waste time dealing with this drama all the time...

  • In case it wasn't obvious, I'm being sarcastic, I don't want any questions banned... in fact, I think the threshold for getting a question closed should be more like 5+ votes to avoid high-rep trolls from the WPSE community that don't like me for some reason following me around SE and flagging all my posts... Commented Mar 29 at 15:07
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    There is no Gerald among the moderators, so no Gerald will see your flags. Sarcasm doesn't come over well in text.
    – user9517
    Commented Apr 4 at 11:18

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You say there is discussion elsewhere about this question, but even if you had linked to it, it wouldn't be relevant. So far, two users here have voted to close the question - for two different and arguably valid reasons.

The only drama is what you're creating yourself: your deleted comment on the question is inappropriate, the over-the-top statements here aren't warranted, and flagging old posts to make a point will result in a suspension if you continue.

If you think your question as asked is appropriate, you can leave it and see if there are any additional close votes cast. If you want to modify it based on the comments you've received, you can do that even if it does get closed. Either way, you should focus on the question itself. Questions/complaints about the overall nature of multiple SE sites should go somewhere else: meta.stackexchange.com

  • I was literally told to flag old posts, the drama is from bored high-rep users and mods, although mostly from WPSE who followed me over here. The reasons given to close my questions and down-vote me are irrelevant because they are disingenuous. Commented Mar 29 at 17:12

Just my understanding of things, but the entire SE network was created to inspire strictly answerable questions1, as at the time there were innumerable options for open discussion but it was often difficult to get good answers to the original question or to find good answers from identical previously answered questions.

Your last paragraph:

I'm hoping to start a thread about some possible settings for typical WordPress websites, with a special nod toward cloud servers or non-shared hosting environments, keeping in mind that these settings should be adjusted depending on your expected traffic levels and otherwise...

There is no answer to this, because it isn't a question. I, too, would have voted to close the question had I discovered it before it was closed and without any knowledge of whatever else is going on in comment threads or other SE network sites.

The vast majority of links you submit in comments are asking specific questions, as they state specific problems, current configurations, and desired end-states.

However, as SE sites are essentially community-moderated, enforcement of policies is not always consistent, with there being off-topic questions that were not discovered by enough users with moderator privileges, or the questions were asked very early in the formation of the site before various policies were enforced by community moderation.

1 Software Recommendations is obvious outlier, though properly used can require specific answers.

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