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Questions with accepted answers should stand out more

Questions with accepted answers are less emphasized than those without. Is this intentional, and if so is there a reason for this? SO has a green background so perhaps I'm just biased by that, but it ...
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Why the code in my answer is not color-highlighted?

This is the question I'm referring to: the answer I provided contains some valid C code. It is intended with 8 space chars. The code is not colored as it does usually (at least on stackoverflow). Did ...
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question list color coding on serverfault is hard to read

On each site in the question lists, the second column from the left gives a visual cue whether the question has been answered (besides the numeric information). For example, on Stack Overflow, red ...
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What's the reason behind the different background colour on Server Fault?

I've noticed that the background colour of Server Fault is a faded gray (which looks pink on some LCDs) background: #fdfdfd. I'm wondering reasoning for this is because it looks weird compared to the ...