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Why is there a separate forum for IT security questions?

It seems to me that the new IT Security site and Serverfault are very thinly sliced and might create confusion in its shared users about what kind of questions go where. For example, the question "...
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What's the best way to understand the knowledge that exists in the ServerFault-SE community?

I've looked at the tags, but it's still hard to tell what questions will get the most value.
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Could Appropriate Tags Cross-Post to Relevant SE Communities?

Since the recent addition of new communities for Unix and Ubuntu within the StackExchange (particularly ServerFault), I propose that tags posted to SF with relevant tags ("Ubuntu", "Solaris", "Unix", ...
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Cross-posting to

If I have a question that is Unix sysadmin related. It's not clear to me whether it should go to serverfault or Is cross-posting acceptable? The specific question I have in ...
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