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27 votes
36 answers

It's Santa Time!

Let's do this. What with the DramaLlama being out in full force, I think it's time to take a breather and bring the funny back. To wit: I propose the Santification of your gravatars till after the new ...
23 votes
16 answers

BOFH Gravatar Week - Let's keep going!

This is your chance to show your true colours... Use the (semi-) official Bastard Operator From Hell Gravatar for a week or a while. I don't think there's any particular reason, it just seemed like ...
Ward - Trying Codidact's user avatar
32 votes
8 answers

Paddington Bear Choppertar

Many of our top users seem to have avatars with a picture of themselves in a car with what appears to me to be Paddington Bear: So what is the story behind this?
Kyle Brandt's user avatar
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