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Paul Masri-Stone
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At heart I am a Creative Technologist. I love the crossover space between the creative arts and technology especially if what I'm doing enables Creative Play for others.

Currently I am a freelancer working at OpenUp Music where I continue to codesign and (solo) build the award-winning accessible musical instrument Clarion. (C++, QML, Qt, JavaScript). You can play Clarion Lite created in collaboration with Google online - try playing it by moving your nose!

My background includes

  • a PhD in sound analysis/synthesis (C/C++, Matlab);
  • post doctorate work creating wearable sensors for playing music (electronics hardware design);
  • a London Science Museum 'Virtual Drum' exhibit (C++ multithreaded)
  • web design & development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)
  • board game design then translated to iPad (Objective-C)
  • project manager at a digital agency
  • CTO of a small SaaS tech startup with institutional investors
  • reviewer and mentor of sustainable e-textiles projects (funded by EU initiative WEARsustain)

I also have some coding experience in random order in Linux bash, Coffeescript, Z80 assembler, Godot...

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