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I take my chance to place this in my profile:
Since February 2014, Ukraine has been suffering from Russia's armed invasion and attempted occupation.
14,000 civillians killed Feb/2014-Feb/2022.
100,000 killed after the full-scale invasion on Feb/2022, incl. mass murders in Bucha and Mariupol.
1,900,000 forcibly deported to russia, incl 300,000 children.
6,900,000 refugees recorded across Europe.
8,000,000 more internally displaced.

Invading Ukraine, however, is not the final goal for the Russian war in Europe. Their officials said numerous times: they are fighting against NATO. Ukraine is just "lucky" to be on their way.

On their way to you.

Read again: The final goal is you. Your house, your land, your history, your language, your freedom, your values. Your life.
If we fail to stop russians on Ukrainian soil, someone else (read: you) would have to stop them in Poland, Finland, Baltic states, and finally, on your backyard.

While there is no doubt that NATO can defend your land, think if you want to have a burning Russian tank in front of your home:

Bucha full of destroyed ru tanks

Or a russian missile hits your house. You don't want to guess whether or not it is going to explode, do you?

A ru missile hit a house in Derhachi

Or if you want to become a "collateral victim" when a KGB terrorist assassinates someone using weapons of mass destruction in the center of your city.

Don't worry, the UN will express its "deep concern" about the loss of you.
And even once-respected Stack Exchange network would find nothing better than say, "well, okay, your death is a pity, but it's not a reason to ban the service on russias".

Your future depends on your actions NOW.

Would you wait for russians come? Or would you act now?

  • by calling your Senator to ensure more weapons to Ukraine?
  • by donating to Ukrainian volunteers?
  • by eliminating putinverstehers in your politicum?
  • or, well, by stopping consuming russian propaganda (incl. reading some users here at SE network)?

The world has to stay together to stop Russian metastasis in Europe as well as the Russian-equipped, Russian-trained, Russian-financed, and Russian-inspired terrorism all over the world.

Please help Ukraine defend you.
Please Support Ukraine.


Bavovnyatko is a ghost animal. Fluffy and restless.
At night, Bavovnyatko 🤗 quietly comes to the occupiers’ bases, depots, airfields, oil refineries and other places full of flammable items and starts playing with fire there🔥 (source)

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