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Primarily a professional C developer, since 1991, on Unix, AIX and now Linux.

I first learned SQL in 1989 on SCO Xenix, and continued in 1992 using DEC Alphas, with Informix SQL. I have worked continually since then with SQL Server from 1999.

I first properly encountered the Win32 API in 1996, whilst working for CA, writing services for Windows NT.

I now do a lot of C++/CLI and VB.Net for various clients.

I also do some Network Admin/Support relating to PCI and ISO27000 work now.


  • Telecoms
  • Accounting
  • Heavy Manufacturing Engineering for Oil and Nuclear
  • Insurance
  • High Availability
  • Security

And for fun:

  • ARM Assembler on the Raspberry PI. An implementation of g.729A that works 20 times faster than pure C (I was a Commodore 64 freak, ARM assembler is just like extended 6502 assembler).
  • Also I play around with electronics and Arduino style toys.
  • A performing semi-professional violinist.

I'm a self employed freelancer with several continuing contracts. I'm always open to any new enquiries though.

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