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Let me learn and you'll have my heart.

Mainly working with C#, ASP.NET MVC, .NET CORE , MS SQL Server, Oracle, Angular 8. I've got my hand pretty dirty with: ASP.NET, ASP, VB.NET, VB, WCF (and legacy asmx), Xamarin, WPF, Oracle/PL-SQL, MySql, WindowsCE, MSQLce, Actionscript, Flex, HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, BootStrap, AngularJS, MongoDB, MoonGoose, Node.JS, AutoIT for various reasons, which goes to full stack applications, codebase refresh, porting of existing code and other various activities.

Had my fun with a lot of customer assistance (technical and not) on all platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, BlackBerry) both on mobile and non-mobile platforms.

Have been taught the hard way system administration for windows platform, both in software architecture (managing server, AD, SQL Server DBA, Installing/recovering OS and so on) and hardware (Cisco mainly, but I've put my hands on a lot of different brands of NAS, Switches, APs, routers and so on) and more particular hardware (Motorola and other Barcode readers, Zebra/Toshiba label printers, serial/ethernet converters, arduino/raspberry), while being the "computer guy" for a big manifacturing company which needed to bring up heavy informatization on its manifacturing process. This task covered everything from the basic user assistance and teaching from solving server problems and developing their IT system (software, hardware).

At the moment I am currently in a career switch to expand my skills to a workplace where I'm using Xamarin, Asp.NET Core, ASP .NET MVC, Containerization and Kubernetes, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies projects and covering also a Project Management role.

Speaking english, spanish, french and italian.

I have a genuine love for retrogaming and all the roundabouts. I remember spending ton of coins in old arcades in the 90s and beginning of 2000 before they slowly started to die :(

Loving also all old FPS goodies like Duke Nukem, Quake, Doom, Hexen and everything around it.

It was and still is an awesome time in my life.

Love mostly everything about programming. There is so much to learn and so little time, DUH!

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