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Started developing in 6502 assembler then graduated to COBOL. Survived CASE and 4GL tools and the dotcom boom where I picked up ASP, Python, and PHP along with SQL Server and MySQL and HTML, Javascript and CSS. An interest in video led me to Silverlight and IIS Media Server and a job at Microsoft (working on little projects like streaming the Olympics and SNF for the NBC). I spent some time working at Amazon on the Kindle Fire/Fire TV and AppStore platform (if you've used a video app there, chances are I was involved).

Currently freelance working on web and TV projects (and would love to help out if you have an interesting challenge!)

I've written a YA SciFi Novella, and a couple of open source projects jsErrLog (remote trapping and reporting for JS errors) and jsNoSpam (allow human readable email addresses to be entered in HTML with reduced risk of crawlers picking them up)

LinkedIn, Twitter, Random Thoughts

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