I feel like this question is border line out-of-bounds for Server Fault, but before I become a jerk and flag the first question I've ever "flagged", I thought I'd get other people's opinion. The question is here: Looking for email hosting. I don't see this as a constructive question for the Server Fault community. Rather, it is asking for information that one could find on any number (hundreds) of websites.

Basically, I get the feeling Server Fault isn't the place to look for a webhosting provider.

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Considering I mod-hammered it close while you were typing this post, I'd say your gut was right on this one.

Also, it was looking for email-hosting, not web-hosting. Slight but significant difference.

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    "Slight but significant" - I'm definitely quoting that one at some point in the future. =P
    – Chris S
    Jul 13, 2011 at 0:56

It's not even close. It's a shopping question, and they aren't allowed.


... And by the time I'm done asking this question, and go back to the original question I was pointing to, I see that it has been marked as off-topic and closed by a moderator. Glad I'm not crazy. :)

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