We need to fill in the tag. What we have in there is pretty minimal, and we need to find some questions that do a good job of covering some of the nuances of how things work around there.

So I ask you data-miners out there:

What is the best meta-question that handles the issue of "...in a professional capacity"?

We've covered that one many times, do we have a question that does a good job of it? If so, what is it? Or do we need to hash it out again in a new question?

If we do get an answer to this question with a clear majority of upvotes, we'll go ahead and add the tag to the linked question.

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"Server Fault is for system administrators... in a professional capacity"

I listed this question as "also related" since it contains an answer (by sysadmin1138 :) that links to a bunch of other answers. I also feel the discussion in his answer and Womble's answer are pretty much the canonical definition of "in a professional capacity around here -- We might just want to change the title and use this as our definitive link.

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