and overlap a bit. Should we merge them?

Bumping this again, as I just encountered both a and wiki edit review with nearly identical content. Do tag merges not retroactively merge tags? Or do tags and tag wikis persist post-tag-merge?

Question in question is here: Exchange 2010 - EMC and OWA non-functional after unexpected server reboot

  • Also I was unable to remove the [status-completed] tag when bumping this.
    – jscott
    Jan 18, 2013 at 12:52

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Yes, merge.

From the perspective of a Windows admin with a fair bit of mail experience, no one says Outlook Web Access, it's just OWA, therefore, I'm personally a proponent of merging everything into , but I'm not sure it matters much which way they're merged, so long as they're merged.

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