I've always found the "FAQ" at meta.stackoverflow to be useless. I'd like to see a few pages that have "all" the information on a topic (e.g. reputation) w/out having to click back and forth to a list of links to other questions.

I'd like to have more details on reputation in that section, e.g. lost rep due to question migration (and "why did I lose 4 points about an hour ago? it seems to be due to a deleted answer when a question I'd answered was migrated), how to check your rep.


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You already do!

What would you like to see added to https://serverfault.com/faq specifically?

edit: based on your response, none of that is SF specific -- you should open this on meta.so if you want general /faq improvements that apply to all sites.

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    Maybe rep stuff isn't SF-specific, but one thing we're clearly going to need in the SF FAQ is a more thorough explanation of what questions are appropriate. Just as soon as everyone agrees... Commented Jul 26, 2010 at 6:27

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