I found a tag called which seems to uniformly refer to questions about PowerShell Remoting. Therefore, I suggest changing the tag to be named . Why?

  • When somebody is asking a question, they are very likely to add "powershell" as a tag. By adding powershell as a prefix to the "remoting" tag, it becomes more discoverable thanks to the auto-completion assistant.
  • The most common related tags are currently:
    • powershell x 14
    • winrm x 5
    • windows x 3
    • a bunch of other single-use tags that are all Windows-related technology
  • Some precedent shown in other tags to have a topic prefix
    • http-headers
    • vmware-vcenter
    • email-bounces
    • windows-authentication
    • cisco-vpn

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I don't see why not. alone doesn't seem to have a great deal of meaning alone.

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