Recently I request help regarding a problem I'm having with SQL Server instances in a Hyper-V VM. For my surprise, the question was tagged as "off-topic" by a moderator (Tom Tom or Tom O'Connor, I don't remember correctly...) I edited the question, and asked for guindance, since I understand that my question was not off-topic, and it was correctly stated (it has examples of what I did and a nice picture of my environment!).

For what I understand, since I edited the question, it should be reavaliated. But to my surprise, I cannot even SEE the question: it was not closed, it was DELETED, comments & all.

Can someone help me to a) find/recover the question and b) guide me on how to improve it so it can meet the moderator's standards?



Your question was closed by the members of our community on 6th May. It was deleted automatically 2 days ago by the Stack Exchange system due to a combination of:

  • Being closed
  • Having no votes
  • Having a very low view count

I will undelete the question as I can see you've put some effort into it, but it will still need to be edited for it to hit the re-open queue to see if it's been improved enough to be on-topic for the site.

  • Tks a lot Mark!
    – tcbrazil
    May 18 '14 at 23:11

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